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Biometric Equipments

Today, lots of security equipments based on different technologies are there in the market. However, it is also a fact that the fraud people has found a solution to break the security bare and also this is the reason of new invention each and every time. Every corporate office, production unit, organization, educational Institute, Government offices and building and almost any premises need promised security equipments.

Biometric technology has shown a lot of promises. It is too early to say that it is the full proof. However, we can say that biometric technology is better than the current other technologies. It is now catching the eye of security equipment manufacturers. I want to discuss something that proves biometric technologies superior.

Biometric technology takes the human s unique characteristics to verify the unique person. It includes fingerprint, eye retina scan, face scan, and many more other. The device which can scan these characteristics is attached with the computer system. The system makes an entry for each person and saves the unique data and after that system verifies that person by comparing the stored data.

The other security system based on physical entity like identity card can be fraud. The fraud can stole that identity and can use it for malicious attack. Biometric unique characteristics cannot be stolen or duplicated. That's why it is superior.

The personal data privacy is also good advantage. Personal biometric characteristic is stored in one database and it doesn t require disclosing it anywhere. So personal identity must stay secure and no one can duplicate it makes the breaking of the system also hard. It can reduce the cost of maintenance as well. In other system like identity card, when someone join the authorized group we need to make the identity card for that. On the other side, in biometric system there is not any requirement of these all formalities.

To secure the premises where every day hundreds of or even thousands of people passes the biometric security system can work very easily. The system based on Face Recognition is perfect suits for access control in the situation like this. The other application is time attendance. You can track the incoming and outgoing timings of employees. No one can fraud the time attendance system and can do the fraud entry. Therefore, you can track the exact incoming and outgoing timings.

Biometric security systems are providing a lot of benefits to fulfill the requirement of us regarding the verification and identity. As I have stated that it is not full proof but still we can say that it has enough promises to convince the people who require the high-level security.

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