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Bomb Disposal Kits

We are professional Bomb Disposal Nonmagnetic Tool Kit, Bomb Disposal Nonmagnetic Tool Kit Manufacturer and Factory (OEM / ODM) in China. We can produce Bomb Disposal Nonmagnetic Tool Kits according to your requirements. More types of Bomb Disposal Nonmagnetic Tool Kit, Please contact us right now!

A special reduced size Hook and Line kit for manual or remote disposal / neutralization of explosive devices Technical Specifications

This is a small carrying case which contains a variety of compact equipment for handling and disarming improvised Explosive Devices (IED) from a distance. The case (The size of a lunchbox) is very lightweight and comfortable to carry. It is used by bomb disposal units and special units, and is the perfect solution for dealing with IED disposal (IEDD), especially in combat situations where versatility, efficiency and lightweight are essential. The case has been constructed specially for forces moving on foot for example, climbing up or down, or sliding, and having to deal with explosive in difficult terrain.

The case contains a folding anchor, hook, extremely sharp anchor blade, large hook, tow rope handle, rappelling metal rings, folding pulley with a tow rope of 50m length (ripping strength 240 kg), two fast deployment single use electric cables, length 50m. (The items can be attached to the end of the tow rope). Other items can be included as required.

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