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Cash Processing
Cash is important part of business, but it consumes a lot of resources too. You need people to validate the cash and verify totals. You need security resources to protect cash from external thefts. You also need facilities, Management expertise, Software and hardware for sorting, counting, transporting and storing cash.

Unless of courses, you outsource your cash operations to Federal’s At Federal cash processing is our business and we believe we do it better than anyone else. We have specially trained staff to handle large volumes of cash, advanced facilities to ensure processing speed and accuracy with the Security only Federal’s can provide.

Federal cash processing services include:
Counting & sorting of cash
Vaulting service
ATM Service
Secure transportation
We also provide payroll preparations; check cashing, payment distribution, salary distribution and payment collection services.

Federal is committed to provide most advanced, quality assured and speedy cash processing facilities to its customers which benefits like Drive cost savings, Increase operational efficiency, Lower risk, enhance competitive advantage and advanced decision support.

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