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Electronic Lockers
Digimatic Electronic Safety Lockers

We manufacture and supply a wide range of digimatic electronic safety lockers in compliance to international standards. These safety lockers are safe and perfect for storing precious belongings such as cash, jewellery, documents in residences & commercial organizations. Apart from standard sizes, we also design and manufacture digimatic electronic safety lockers according to customers specifications & requirements.

Features :-

User selected dual password for independent operations by two persons
Password selection through alpha-numeric keys to a maximum of 9 characters
Change of password facility
Feather touch operations with audio-visual indication
Alarm facility for 3 minutes duration on the 4th attempt, followed by auto-freeze for 5 minutes
Low battery indication-external battery provision for emergency door opening in case of total battery failure
Non- volatile memory enables password retention even when the battery is removed

In today's world where nobody can be relied upon or even it is unsafe to put your valuables and money, the safety lockers can be your real friends. With the safety lockers, you can just relax and have sound sleep, as it requires a specific code, which makes it difficult to unlock it. Trust the top brands and these safety lockers would not make hole in your pockets, are very reasonable with attractive finish.

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