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Evidence Collection

Collecting samples for DNA analysis at crime scenes is a critical part of investigating the nature of the crime. The proper collection and preservation of evidence can establish a connection between the scene and a suspect. Precise collection records and established methods are required for crime scene sample analysis. Preservation of the biological evidence is crucial since crime investigations can take place over long periods of time. Analyzing and comparing crime scene and reference samples can take between months and years to complete. It is important, therefore, to collect the samples on a medium that can stabilize the genetic material.

Federal provides a solution to the problems of preservation and easy collection of crime scene samples. Federal is already the matrix of choice for collecting offender DNA samples for inclusion into forensic DNA databases. Federal contains a unique formulation proven to stabilize DNA for over 17 years at ambient temperature. This feature helps solve the problem of storage of evidence samples since crime scene and reference samples can be safely stored at room temperature. Collecting crime scene samples on Federal  allows for the confidence to know that high quality DNA is available for analysis quickly and easily when needed.

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