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O & M Services

Federal can provide a variety of O&M services ranging from full O&M contract provision to discrete O&M activities. Our services range from project development support through mobilization services to O&M contracts from start-up of commercial operation, supporting the whole project life cycle.


During this critical phase the recruitment, training and orientation of the team that will run the plant is undertaken at the same time that they themselves need to carry out preparation tasks. Risk can be mitigated if specialized support is utilized, and we can offer this in the following areas:

1. Personnel selection and training
2. Determination of a clear O&M Strategy.
3. Selection and documentation of correct operations and maintenance tasks based on this strategy.
4. Development of supporting procedures and instructions
5. Selection of suitable support systems and specialized equipment Commercial Operation.
Risks can be mitigated and improvement potential evaluated by :
1. Review to ensure active process surveillance and control is in place, to ensure timely detection of undesirable deviations from normal operation, and where possible regular functional verification takes place.
2. Verification that the chosen O&M strategy is suitable for the plant, your organization, location and circumstances.
3. Evaluation of how equipment strategies have been identified, based on the chosen O&M strategy.
4. Examination of the equipment life-plans checking how well they detail the individual tasks that need to carried out.
5. A check of standards applied to condition monitoring and providing recommendations on how to apply these to achieve consistent dependable results.
6. Advice on support systems, including the use of a Computerized Asset Management / Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and the management and structuring of data to obtain full benefit in the use of such systems.
7. Processes to maintain general environmental, health and safety standards, especially those that ensure personnel safety when the plant is disturbed during maintenance activities.
8. To the extent possible within your own corporate policy and procedures, processes for HR management, accounts, finance, procurement, IT, stores / stock management, and documentation (structure, nomenclature, standards, and archiving).
Outage and Project Management

Definition of requirements, including planning and execution, resource requirements and their control, and including the use of appropriate Project Management techniques where necessary.

Support can be given to long term outage planning, that includes a spare parts strategy including repair or replace scenarios.

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