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Verification Services
If you're looking for the finest package of pre-employment identity verification services, you've come to the right place.
We're a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated young professionals. We will do for you all that needs to be done in order to be totally confident that you're hiring the person who is what (s) he claims to be.
Product Process Verification :-
1. Product/ Process Verification (PPV) is involved in the program through all phases and aspects of design, development, procurement, assembly, integration, test, and qualification to ensure compliance with program requirements.
2. The main functions within the PPV Process are:
  Source Inspection
  Inline Inspection
  Test Witness and Verification (Record test variance and data analysis)
  Support Cause and Corrective Action (Follow-up and Verification)
  Configuration and Data Management Verification (AS-Built vs. AS-Planned)
3. The Product-Process Verification (PPV) Program utilizes fundamental assurance management processes along with industry best practices. Each client offering is uniquely tailored, based on historical performance and cultural norms to optimize performance while mitigating down- stream risks.
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