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Visitor Identification
Visitor Identification Management System
Helping to bring peace of mind to government, corrections and law enforcement facilities, hospitals, school campuses, and countless commercial buildings

When you need a frontline deterrent, this credentialing and access control visitor management system can help you identify and log visitors, volunteers, employees and vendors as they enter and exit your facility without hindrance to the flow of operations. This innovative technology can help you cross-check criminal, sex offender and internal watch lists–quickly. In addition, the system can help you generate an audit trail of all activity, which can be communicated, stored, reviewed
and retrieved to help you provide valuable reporting when needed.

Visitor registration
With a simple point-and-click operation, the system can be programmed to photograph each visitor and read data from
driver’s licenses, government IDs and passports. In addition, authorized users can pre-approve visitors from their desktop
in advance, from any location.
Automated watch list & deny entry
This feature allows for the cross-referencing of internal and external watch lists* and can provide a link to criminal databases*. The software compares photos to a database which can help you identify possible intruders, enforce restraining orders and deny access to individuals who pose potential threats.
Custom visitor, vendor & employee badges
If no threat is detected, customized badges with current photos can be printed with the time, assigned destination, expiration date and bar coding for automated exit processing. Associated passes for children, assets or equipment can also be assigned as needed.
Predefined & customizable reports
The system can create a full audit trail that includes the date, time and location and produce reports of visitors. Customized
reports can be generated for special requirements and volunteer hours can be tracked for recognition awards.
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