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Vision & Philosophy

We recognize that for clients to be willing to share sensitive issues with us, their key concerns are confidentiality and integrity. Therefore Federal employs full time operational personnel in various areas of India , where we have a presence, thereby negating the need for subcontracted resources. To meet the increasing security demands, we have chosen to concentrate exclusively on security. That means we can dig deeper, understand more and do our job better. We also uncompromised in our truthfulness, which means that we openly express our opinions, we do not withhold information's and we always report improper ties.


As most clients do not wish to enter into multiple agreements with a variety of contractors, Federal continues to be most locally focused company, which pursue a strategy of comprehensive operational coverage throughout India . With our network of offices and broad spread of services, we provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of thousands of businesses and are able to effectively address the concerns of our clients anywhere in the region.


In order to maintain a high standard of services across the group, Federal have created guidelines and targets to ensure that each office has the necessary trained resources in place and is offering a consistent and high quality product or service to our clients. It is our policy and objective to provide our services in a way, which provides sustained growth for the organization, measured by increased proficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to establish their mission, priorities and action plan, performance targets that endure that we meet or exceed their expectations.

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